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Tryptology was born in 2012 under the Relentless name. Now time goes forward to new projects including mixing live and compositing in the futur.

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New website

Sorry for the appearance of the website. The new website is under construction, the content is still reachable and readable but the css style is broken. Work in progress.
The french website is still as before (for now) : http://www.tryptologie.fr

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Global Awakening

Since the begininning I am involve in the resistance/lightworkers community. My will is to participate to the global awakening which is occuring right now. Primordial Tradition, Hermeticism, Synchronicities, Retrocausality and Mythologies are my main sources of power and knowledge. And this road, the Philosopher Quest (Thoth/Hermes) is endless until […]

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Tryptology online activities

I have many projects for the development of Tryptology and its related topics. When I will be able to, I will be part of the global awakening in a concrete way in the ‘real life’, not only online. For now the main drag come from, as for most people, financial reasons. But some stuffs are still being build step by step .


I am passionate and very enthusiatic about all kind of musics and my will to spread good vibes and musics has started around 2012.


2012 was the ‘maintream’ beginning of the rise of Global Consciousness and the Awakening of Humankind. Things are happening faster and faster. Come to discuss about these subjects on our discord. Hermeticism, Global Awakening, End of Cycle and Beginning of a New One, Alchemy, Entheogenics, Nootropics , Musics, Altermondialism, Esoterism, History, Mythologies, Golden Age and many more topics. No censure, no anger, nos bias.


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be harsh but this is the once in a lifetime opportunity to free ourselves from the system. Join the altermondialism, join the revolution, change your life like you could never imagine.

Update october 31th 2019 : I still keep an eye on the cryptosphere but I have taken my distances with it for different reasons I will likely talk about why on my insights blog. My twitter account talk now about all the Tryptology related topics.

Tryptology from 2012 to nowadays.

From 2012 my music project has known three names : Relentless, The Relentless Child of #### and now the final one Tryptology. It has a meaning of course and many goals which I explain in the Insights Blog. You can find Tryptology on many social networks and platforms. I am always willing to produce and help good Artists which need exposure.

Food For The Soul

Food For the Soul, Food for the Mind.

Read the video description to fully understand the Intentions behind and the purpose of this creation.

Peace Therapy

When I listen to these musics, I am in a deep inner peace state. I hope you’ll enjoy them !

Read the video description to fully understand the Intentions behind and the purpose of this creation.

High Vibes

Psychedelic downtempo meets deep dubby bass lines. It’s a match made in heaven.

A glimpse of my creations….

Click here to access my whole universe….

High Vibes Music Mix

My Avatars


One for Learning, Knowledge, Spiritual Awakening, Hermeticism, Primordial Tradition & Mythologies.

One for sharing and spreading musics and who knows….composate ?

One for altermondialism, international economy reset, collapsology, legalization, paradigm shifts.

One for catalyzing the ultimate accomplishment of every human beings, the Primordial Intention, The Philosopher Quest.


Cosmic Seeker

Relentless Cosmic Seeker

Seek for knowledge and understanding. My lifeS ultimate goal is to reach the Philosopher’s Stone which has never had been to do with gold.


Astral/Etheric Muse

Unveil the perfect music gems

I have started my youtube channel in 2012 and I will pursue this pathway and keep improving my skills.


Mastermind Elliot

Alienation System Hacker

People who see Mr. Robot have surely understood. For many reasons I share many aspects of my life with Elliot : altermondialism, crypto, computer science engineering among many other stuffs.




My Intentions are altruist, authentic, pure and utopian.

You can reach me by mail, telegram, discord and twitter….

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