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"A hypothesis on how the mind’s ability and natural function to filter out un-wanted lower vibrational energy in low or toxic environments is correlated with attainment of higher states of consciousness."

Thot / Hermes

Tryptology Music Project

Tryptology was born in 2012 with Relentless. Now time goes forward to new projects including mixing lives and compositing in the futur.

Tryptology Youtube Channel
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

I am focusing to reach financial freedom with Bitcoin and Crypto. I talk about my high potential projects and open to discussion. Crypto Twitter

Global Awakening

Since the begininning I am a lightworker, an Indigo child, or whatever the name, and participate to the global awakening which is occuring right now. Primordial Tradition, Hermetism, Synchronicities and Mythologies are my sources of power and knowledge.

Tryptology Insights Blog

Tryptology has, for now, 3 main topics.

I have big projects for the development of Tryptology and its related topics. When cryptocurrencies will bring me financial freedom. I will be part of the global awakening in the a concrete way, not only online.

I am passionate and very enthusiatic about all kind of musics and my will to spread good vibes and musics has started around 2012.

2012 was the beginning of the rise of Global Consciousness and the Awakening of Humankind. Things are happening faster and faster. Come to discuss about these subjects on our discord. Hermeticism, Global Awakening, End of a Cycle, Alchemy, Psychedelics, Nootropics and other drugs , Musics, Altermondialism, Esoterism, History, Mythologies, and many more topics. No censure, no anger, nos bias.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be harsh but this is the once in a lifetime opportunity to free ourselves from the system. Join the altermondialism, join the revolution, change your life like you could never imagine.

My Crypto Twitter Cryptocurrencies opportunities
Tryptology from 2012 to nowadays.

My music project has known three names : Relentless, Relentless Child of Enki and now the final one Tryptology. It has a meaning of course, feel free to ask or make some researches. You can follow my activites in musics, crypto and awakening on the following social media. Don’t be shy, come to talk with me and others and of course the I am always willing to produce Artists which need exposure.

Except the tracks which are some of my favorites psydub sounds, it’s not the kind of content I am usually uploading here. However, it is not out of nowhere as you can see by the nature of the message. I precise that nobody ask me for this, I do it for the idea and the philosophy behind the project (decentralization, cannabis legalization, altermondialism) and because the opportunity is at its climax right now.

Peace Therapy

When I listen to these musics, I am in a deep inner peace state. I hope you’ll enjoy them !

Ethnic World

Many sounds and instruments have come from all over the world and times. Here a glimpse of the tremendous potential of world music.

A glimpse of my creations….

Click here to access my whole universe….
High Vibes Music Mix
My Avatars One for learning, spiritual awakening, hermetism, primordial tradition… One for sharing and spreading music and who knows….composate? One for geopolitics, national cryptocurrencies, civilisation (dollar US, euro etc…) collapse, legalization,…

Sumerian Goddess

Relentless Cosmic Seeker

Seek for knowledge and understanding. My ultimate life goal if to reach the Philosophal Stone which has never had to do with gold…

Sumerian Goddess

Unveil the perfect music gems

I have started my youtube channel in 2012 and I will pursue this pathway.


Alienation System Hacker

People who see Mr. Robot have surely understood. For many reasons I share many aspects of my life with Elliot….altermundialism, crypto and computer science stuff obviously among others…


Thot / Enki / The Great White Lodge

My Intentions are authenthic, pure and utopic.

You can reach me by mail, telegram, discord and twitter….

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