Tryptology is born

The new step in my Tryptology project sometime calls STAGE 7 sometime with no name because I don’t know yet as far as this project could lead me to.

I have practiced magic rituals in the past year and I know now, which magic is real and safe, if practice with respect and enough knowledge. Please beware with this stuff it could lead to disastrous events. Many magic practices such as Chaos Magick ans the Wicca movement are linked to what we call “””the black lodges””” and you’ll be in bad situations if you use its. Real magic has come from Primordial Tradition, Hermeticism, Thoth/Hermes and Mythologies, and so on. Psychedelic drugs, especially the Trypamines family, are also a way to be awaken to this reality.

With Hermeticism, retrocausality and synchronicities you can achieve your most utopian goals of life. But your Intentions must be altruist, pure, honest and for the good of Humankind.

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