Process-Relational Panentheism
There are no such things as chance or coincidence.

Tryptology is born

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Tryptology is born


The new step in my Tryptology project sometime calls STAGE 7 sometime with no name because I don’t know yet as far as this project could lead me to.

I have practiced magic rituals in the past year and I know now, which magic is real and safe, if practice with respect and enough knowledge (and precises, crystal clear and most of all altruist Intentions). Magic has nothing to do with what is spread in the mass consciousness with productions as Harry Potter, Charmed and so on. It still can takes many forms however. What I’ll talk here is also a philosophy and it’s not about making rituals and calling egregores (please beware, those stuffs could lead to disastrous events especially if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.). Moreover, since many centuries and even millenia humankind has known a massive and global symbol reversal / inverted symbolism for different reasons we can summarize by evoke what Thoth / Hermes call “The Shadow which is not the night one” which make many egregore and practices not safe.

Shadow and Lights are part of the ALL and have a synergy relationship. Shadows force Lights to transmute themselves into more powerful and brighter Lights which in turn transmute the Shadow into Lights. So there no heaven or hell. It’s more subtle, there is so a kind of synergy between those two “polarities” within the ALL (cf: Panentheism).

What we call “magic” has come from the mythic Primordial Tradition, Hermeticism, Thoth/Hermes and Mythologies, and so on. Psychedelic drugs, especially the Trypamines family widely use in shamanism since the dawn of times, are also a way to be awaken to this reality.

With Hermeticism, double causality, retrocausality and synchronicities you can achieve your most utopian goals of life. But your Intentions must be altruists, precises, crystral clears, pure, honest and for the good of Humankind. Altruist because most of humankind are good want an happy and bright futur, and so with altruism people. So there are many more timelines where altruist Intentions are manifesting, so more probability for you to achieve them.

Thoth / Hermes has and still known many manifestation. It has been also Quetzacoatl / Kukulkan. That’s why Hermeticism and Alchemy have always been here to make our civilization grow and bring always lights. Renaissance, Century of Lights, Human Right Declaration are only few examples of the consequences of this philosophy. Thoth is a self-generated entities who has come to existence to save the Horus Eyes torn off and separated into 64 pieces by Seth according to mythologies. Therefore, Thoth, this self-generated entity save the knowledge in its globality.

Thoth / Hermes is very different in comparison to other entities. It is the only one to has been self-generated and to have always been here and still today. In my opinion Thoth / Hermes is latent within each human waiting the desire to learn and accumulate knowledge to start growing. That’s why Hermeticism and Alchemy have always been here. Most of the time Hermeticism is rising by back in the collective consciousness when the current paradigmas are collapsing. Hermeticism is an infinite philosophy with a never ending potential so it always rise back more powerful than ever.

The Hermeticism way is call the Philosopher Quest (never ending seek of knowledge and desire to learn) and just as an example the Matrix movie is an allegory of the Philosopher Quest.

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