Process-Relational Panentheism
There are no such things as chance or coincidence.

The Tools

Music, Philosophy, Entheogenic

The Tools


Here the tools I have found very effective to develop ourselves. The essence and the tools remain the same but the French article is more precise and complete. Here the link ;

Hermeticism and Alchemy– Thoth / Hermes. Learning and knowledge is the most effective and powerful gateway to spiritual awakening and connection with the Ineffable according to Hermeticism.
I talk about what/who is Thoth / Hermes and its many others manifestations according to me in the very first article of this blog. It’s about you and humankind, since ever and for ever

Intentions : This is perhaps one of the most important things Hermeticism learns, the Intentions are the most primordial, powerful and purest form of magic. Since all result of the Primordial Intention of the Ineffable to accomplish Himself. The real Philosopher Stone Quest for each humanbeing to reach his ultimate accomplishment, to become an Ineffable. Intentions have to be precise and clear and altruist.

Altruist intentions have more likelyhood to manifest because most of humankind is good and want a happy and bright futur. So there are many more timelines where altruists intentions are manifesting.

Double Causality / Retrocausality / Synchronicity : Synchronicities are not a new thing, this is Carl Gustav Jung (creator of the MBTI personality test) which has given this name to this phenomenom. But when a quantum reseacher dig into it, interesting and powerful things emerge. This is what the French quantum and physicist researcher at CNRS, Philippe Guillemant, do with his work about double causality, retrocausality and synchronicities. You can find very interesting interviews on youtube most in French, some in English. He is also a coauthor of the book “Se souvenir du futur” (remembering the futur) with Romuald Letterier and Jocelin Morisson. Even if the litterature about synchronicites is huge, this book, by leaning on Philippe Guillemant retrocausality theory, is revolutionary by containing effective tools to use synchronicities in the everyday life with our…Intentions (Hermeticism).
You need to go deeper on those topics by yourself to really understand those tools and how to use them.

So here we are hermeticism (and alchemy) + Intentions + double causality, retrocausality and synchronicities is a perfect match but beware of your Intentions. But don’t use this as a personal development method.

There is also this last tool I have post about recently on Intentional Species.


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