The meaning, the philosophy and spirituality within Tryptology

First of all this, and will evolve in a network in which science, philosophy and spirituality will merge into one educational teachings as it was the case during the Golden Age. Everyone will be able to participate in the building of this project so feel free to contact me if you have information or insights about these topics. Tryptology is my artist name but I have big projects in mind which will gather many knowledge, studies and networks. This blog is the primodial seed.
Also I will soon make an article about DMT and pineal gland which is mention in every civilization through times and History since the Sumerians…and likely before. We can see symbolism and representation of pineal gland, Horus Eye and DMT in many sculptures, carving and Art from previous civilizations and still today even at Vatican (even if monotheist religions are ‘evil‘, they can’t hide this Primordial knowledge)…this is not a coincidence.

The meaning of Tryptology

Etymologically Tryptology means Trypt from Tryptophan and Tryptamine, very important molecules to secrete serotonine (for Tryptophan). Tryptamines are the most divine and spiritual psychedelics molecules found in nature. For example the well known DMT (DiMethylTryptamine) is the active substance in Ayahuasca shamanic beverage from Latin America. Also a molecule derivated from DMT is produce by the toad Bufo Alvarius, this molecule is called 5-MeO-DMT. DMT is in fact produce by every living beings animal and vegetal. In human DMT is produce by our lungs but also by the pineal gland (also known as the Horus Eye and the Third Eye in The Primordial Tradition). Studies tend to demonstrate that a rush of DMT is produce by the pineal gland at the very precise momentum when a human die.
DMT can be consume in many ways which produce different effects in term of intensity and length. I will let you make your own researches or you can ask me by mail or PM. Meeting entities from astral plans is a very common phenomenon with DMT.
Tryptamines are also in magic/psychedelics mushrooms (psilocybin and psilocin) and other ancestral and sacred plants. Psychedelics are tools. Natural ones are non-toxic, non-neurotoxic and non-addictive (as 99.99% of psychedelics). But knowledge and set & setting are crucial before consuming them, don’t do stupid things and respect these molecules, they are gifts from The Ineffable to help humankind in dark ages as Kali Yuga or Iron Age.

Logy means science.

So you may have guessed Tryptology is the science and the studies of Tryptamines.

The Philosophy and the Spirituality within Tryptology

Tryptamines allow consumers to experiment spiritual life changing experiences and have insights from higher astral plans among other effects (like seeing the nature language with fractals and so on but as I say do your own researches or ask me by mail). Since I have started to dive in Hermeticism from Thoth/Hermes, retrocausality (synchronicities), I have realized that’s Tryptamines, Hermeticism and Retrocausality in combination with clear and precise Intentions (which are Primordials as you know if you read my blog publications) have a great synergy. Psychedelics are literally magic tools, that’s why they have been used since the dawn of time by every civilization during spiritual ceremonies, as a rite of passage, to contact higher plan entities, to heal people and so on. Hermeticism is a philosophy and a mystic which come from The Primordial Tradition. We can feel and experiment all the Hermeticism precepts with Tryptamines. Retrocausality/Synchronicities allow us to shape our futur with our Intentions and by paying attention to the signs, symbols, and synchronicities we see in our everyday life.

I can’t go deeper in this article because of the wingspan of such topics but I will in forthcoming post and website updates. Don’t forget this website is the primordial seed of Tryptology…of course my youtube channel too since all have begun with it in 2012 (who says the Maya ? ^^ ). So now you have more insights about all the potential of Tryptology.

I have many things to do including composing musics and mixes, producing artists and spread knowledge by developping Tryptology. My Intentions are crystal clear, altruist and precise and I know Tryptology will become something huge…but I can’t do it alone since I don’t know everything and I am learning everyday. So feel free to contact me by mail, telegram, discord, facebook or whatever the social media if you want to be part of this. Of course you’ll be mention as the author of your contribution. I think Tryptology is something far greater than me…in fact I think it’s the resurgence of Thoth/Hermes and Hermeticism as this phenomenon has happenned several times during our History as the old paradigmas collapsed…as today. Tryptology is born because one of my Intention, bring back Hermeticism to the mainstream sphere, this Intention has become a reality but it’s not over. Tryptology is the step one. It was a really mystic and spiritual event, mid-june, synchro with a Co Bra post, Flower of Life and some other things (see the article “When reality overcomes fiction” on this blog…so yes Intentions, when we do it right, are the most powerful form of magic).

We need to gather all the lightworkers, the lightwarriors, the rainbow warriors and all the people working for a better world. We need to learn and remember WHO WE ARE to build the next Golden Age which is nearer as we think. Humanity is amnesic since the end of previous Golden Age and the decadence into the Iron Age (also known as the Kali Yuga).

I don’t pretend to be the only one to follow, in fact I follow myself many lightworkers and Thoth/Hermes. THIS is a call to bring back Hermeticism, catalyzing by the potential of Tryptamine and Retrocausality, in the mainstream sphere to awaken people. And I need you even if I will pursue this alone if nobody care.

We need to gather not divide. For example there are conflicts between the lightworkers pro-Annunaki and the pro-Pleiadian, I know it’s a sensible topic for some people but we need to overcome this because we all work for Lights if we are a Lightworker. Also, many lightworkers still think psychedelics and sacred plants as Ayahuasca are bad because there are drugs but don’t forget we have been misunformed by big corporation (pharmaceutical ones since they can’t patent these molecules) and governements about these topics because psychedelics tends to awaken and heal people. This is a big topic which will be developped in a forthcoming post. But think about it, governements and institutions prefer people anesthetized and destroy by alcohol than a population awaken by psychedelics (I don’t say it’s the only way at all, it’s a tool, nothing else). In fact it’s US president Nixxon who has started war on drugs because of Hippie movement, fuel by LSD, which was against Vietnam war. Physicist and researchers as Timothy Leary was targeted public enemy number one…so yes governements don’t want people to expand their mind. So Annunaki, Pleiadian, Mythologies, Psychedelics and so on…truth is everywhere but at this moment I see a divide lightworkers communities and we need to fix this.

I recall the discord channel, there is also a telegram one where all these topics are being discussed.

I finish my post here, I have slightly exceed this post subject. But now you know more about Tryptology, its goals and philosophy. And music is of course still my main activity.

We need to gather us, all lightworkers and truthseekers communities and not divide us between different point of views and we need to go back to the Primordial Knowledge.

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