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Back To Work

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Back To Work

Tryptology Babel Tower

As you have may noticed this article’s artwork is representation of The Tower Of Babel which among all the existing interpretations, the Primordial one comes from the Mythologies and is the endless seeking of knowledge. The inverted symbolism nowadays has made The Tower of Babel a warning about the hazard of such a goal. Hermeticism encourage the seeking of knowledge as the most powerfulness way to awakening therefore Tryptology is too.

The Tower of Babel has needed a huge amount of Work for its building and this is why this article title is « Back To Work ». Tryptology is still in development and some important updates and news should be soon be unveil, but of course Work is a necessary condition of for this to happen. So this article is a kind of teasing to remind you that the real things have just started and more will come, soon enough.

Also « Back To Work » is the title of one of the trailers of the final season of Mr. Robot and as your know Elliot is one of my Avatars, thereby the loop is closed for this short article. I leave you here with the “Back To Work” Mr Robot’s trailer and see you soon :).


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  1. […] information I have spread. So another work is waiting for me now (yes it’s never over like The Tower of Babel 😉 ), because due to the mass of information I was able to add in French, I have to translate its […]

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