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Tryptology is “Crossing A Line”

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Tryptology is “Crossing A Line”

Tryptology is crossing the line (Elliot, Mr Robot, Thoth, Hermes)

The Mr Robot watchers and the mindful ones have likely understood the title of this article. Mindful ones, because since I have watched the Mr Robot final season promos last june 2019, I have known that Tryptology will likely “cross the line” in a way or another…but I didn’t know exactly how. Because there were (and there still are) many potentialities, and infinite timelines. For the mindful ones, the title clue is in the previous post, at the end of the short video inside of it.

Thankfully, Tryptology doesn’t cross the line in the same way Elliot has done (even if I have understood his action but this is not the subject). For those who are careful I have let a full spectrum of clues and insights during all november 2019 as the events happened, on the different social networks on which Tryptology is. I am now into what some people call The Unknown and so I have to be very careful because I can reach The Lights or collapse in “the Shadow which is not the night one” (cf : Thoth in The 15 Thoth Tablets also known as The Emerald Table). But don’t worry I am very careful and I have a good team around me.

For now, I am not totally sure of how far this will go. It has already breakthrough my highest expectations. But when we think about it, it’s not surprising since the Intentions within Tryptology are true, pure, altruists, utopians and powerful. These Intentions are supported by many factor which catalyze them, including the 5 Tryptology Avatars.

Those Avatars were (and still are) present in a very concrete way in my life since many months now. But since around 2 or 3 weeks they have started to merged with each others, and this phenomenom is still increasing each day. I have talk about this in a new section on my website on november 22th, called Insightful Sources. Indeed, this day I have seen many people talking about Elliot (Mr Robot) being Thoth / Hermes and we know that Whiterose likely wants to hack time. So this also match retrocausality , double causality and synchronicities (see the article called The Tools on this blog). This merge the 2 most powerful and meaningful Tryptology’s Avatar, Elliot & Thoth / Hermes, and make the 5 Tryptology Avatars converging into One and so does A Line Is Being Crossed.

I have reached some people, I have taken some decisions and done some actions. I will not disclose its for now since I don’t know what will outcome from its. But I repeat, everything is in plain sight on the different social medias and networks where Tryptology is, you have to connect the dots if you want to see the whole picture although the picture itself seems endless at this moment, but you can follow the tracks I have let.

So yes, in reference to the last article title Tryptology has done some works and still do it every single day. Some very visible evolutions are the many new sections on this website…but there is so much more….

And don’t forget that you’re part of this too since you’re reading those words. You have no obligation or anything like this of course. But you have your Intentions. What is or what are your Intention(s) ?

Something is happening on Earth which has never happened before and it has started some years ago but since about 1 or 2 year(s), the development of the situation is under an exponential increase. I think most of you feel it.

And again, I think the Intentions within Tryptology need more than one person to manifest, so don’t hesitate to contact Tryptology if you have questions, Intention(s) (or music submission ^^).

The post artwork has been created by Saran Kim and you can visit her blog by following this link


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