Process-Relational Panentheism
There are no such things as chance or coincidence.

Month: December 2019

Music, Philosophy, Entheogenic

Tryptology Networks

Tryptology’s network has expanded

Hello friend, The French translation is now over. It remains likely some mistakes which I will soon correct but all the information are available, and even more. Indeed, French is my native language so I have been able to be more precise and complete in the intels and information I have spread. So another work…
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Tryptology Tryptologie

Tryptology is arriving for the French speakers (Tryptologie)

Hello friends, Very soon, likely this week, this whole website will be available in French since there is a huge demand for it. Also this website ( will be more preciseful and complete at the same time.For the French speakers you already following Tryptology on the French Tryptologie twitter account : .