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Tryptology’s network has expanded

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Tryptology’s network has expanded

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Hello friend,

The French translation is now over. It remains likely some mistakes which I will soon correct but all the information are available, and even more. Indeed, French is my native language so I have been able to be more precise and complete in the intels and information I have spread.
So another work is waiting for me now (yes it’s never over like The Tower of Babel 😉 ), because due to the mass of information I was able to add in French, I have to translate its again in English to have a coherent network, with both websites which tell the same things. So you can expect many updates in the forthcoming days and weeks on every sections of this website. I will not post a blog publication for each update, but only one when everything will be done.
If there are some of you who want to help me with that, including other language speakers as Spanish, German and so on, please contact Tryptology !
Here the French websites (many addresses which all redirect to the same website) :

And the two English websites you know already about (same thing, 2 addresses that redirect to the same website) :

And to finish a little reminder about the very powerful Intentional Species tool (which will also have a French version asap) :

And of course all my networks on Youtube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook and so on…but since you’re here I suppose you already know them ^^ !

See you soon !


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