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You are The One

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You are The One


Hello friend,

As you know I have mentioned in the Symbolism section that the Matrix Trilogy is an allegory of the Philosopher Quest. Here a short video, less than 30min which explain why with many philosophical references and very good analysis of the concept of the transmutation of Mr. Anderson into Neo, The One, therefore YOU.

I have seen this video only one time a few months ago, and second time today, just before this post.
This second watching has been alongside, once again, powerful synchronicities which lead to this post. And a little reminder, that “The Other One“, the 3rd Tryptology’s Avatar, Mastermind Elliot, his last name is Alderson. And Whiterose likes to call him Mr. Alderson in reference to the Smith agents who are doing the same to Neo, trying to remind him his past enslave status.

Mr Robot is full of Matrix references, which I will not leak to not spoil too much the still Non Voyeur, among others references. And some people think that Mastermind Elliot is a Thoth / Hermes representation.

It’s an exciting time in the world.” – Mr Robot Alter’s 1

And this video go straight to the Insightful Sources section 😉


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