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Singularity has been reached

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Singularity has been reached

Tryptology Singularity 999

Hello friends,

I was waiting for a confirmation from EsmailCorp, the production company of Sam Esmail, the Mr Robot’s creator. But since the turn of the events I guess I can make (or even I have to) make it official. The Tryptology’s 5 Avatars are now all here so you can expect big updates on the websites in the forthcoming weeks. Since they are all here I have to let them go in their way in the world and within you, they will be forever in the Tryptology ground. New Intentions will be disclose, in fact some of the new ones are already in plain sight on the new networkS.

I will not yet told about how the 5 Avatars are manifesting in the material world (you can go on the Discord for more info) except for one of them, linked to EsmailCorp tho. Indeed Elliot (Mr Robot’s main character), or rather the Mastermind Elliot Alter (you have to see the Mr Robot finale to understand) is now in our world. And it appears to be linked to Tryptology, it’s not by chance, I have succeed to trigger some stuffs within EsmailCorp by uncrypting their Intentions.

All this thanks to strong precises, crystal clear and altruist Intentions in combination with powerful philosophies such as Hermeticism and Alchemy (among others) and of course Retrocausality and Double Causality.

EsmailCorp website is not over and some new “next go-rounds” will soon start.

You can find more infos on the networks (create and manage by Tryptology) attached to it.
Websites :,
Youtube : EsmailCorp youtube channel (I need your subs if possible, at least 100).
Twitter :
Reddit : (this one is not create by Tryptology but I am on it with 2 profiles easily guessable).


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