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There are no such things as chance or coincidence.

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Tryptology Babel Tower

Back To Work

As you have may noticed this article’s artwork is representation of The Tower Of Babel which among all the existing interpretations, the Primordial one comes from the Mythologies and is the endless seeking of knowledge. The inverted symbolism nowadays has made The Tower of Babel a warning about the hazard of such a goal. Hermeticism…
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The meaning, the philosophy and spirituality within Tryptology

First of all this, and will evolve in a network in which science, philosophy and spirituality will merge into one educational teachings as it was the case during the previous Golden Age. Everyone will be able to participate in the building of this project so feel free to contact me if you…
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The Tools

Here the tools I have found very effective to develop ourselves. The essence and the tools remain the same but the French article is more precise and complete. Here the link ; – Hermeticism and Alchemy– Thoth / Hermes. Learning and knowledge is the most effective and powerful gateway to spiritual awakening and connection…
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Kundalini Snake

The Thoth/Hermes portal is open

Long story short. My spiritual efforts since 2011 which has been spread on my youtube channel which has known 3 names before Tryptology. The first one was Relentless.– Tryptology (meaning Science and Studies of Tryptamines, is the third final name) ;All this makes me open a portal on my own, not on purpose but I…
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As above so below - Hermes/Thot

As above, so below

“As above, so below” – Thoth/Hermes. In these few words remain your potential, the reason of your many lifeS, and the real meaning of the Philosopher Stone.

Mr Robot Tryptology

Protected: When reality overcomes fiction…

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Tryptology is born

I have practice magic rituals in the past year and I know now which magic is real and safe if practice with respect.