Étiquette : Sacred Geometries

Global Awakening, Paradigms Shifts, Musics, Hermeticism

The meaning, the philosophy and spirituality within Tryptology

First of all this http://tryptology.net, http://tryptology.org and http://intentionalspecies.com will evolve in a network in which science, philosophy and spirituality will merge into one educational teachings as it was the case during the Golden Age. Everyone will be able to participate in the building of this project so feel free to contact me if you have…
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The Thoth/Hermes portal is open

Long story short. My spiritual efforts since 2011 which has been spread on my youtube channel which has known 2 names before Tryptology. The first one was Relentless.– Tryptology (meaning Science of Tryptamines, is the final name) ;All this makes me open a portal on my own, not on purpose but I am happy to…
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