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This sculpture from the sculptor and artist Rémy Teulier is representing an Hermetic Angel, touching down the ground for eternity at The Abode of Chaos (La Demeure du Chaos) a French Art Alchemical Museum. Hermeticism, Alchemy, esoterism, gnose, redemption, fraternity are amongs the many values and what kind of ideas and energies this museum is spreading. (social links for Rémy Teulier and The Abode of Chaos at the end of the text).

The messenger of this piece of Art is Rémy Teulier.

The Angel is wearing modern clothes with his hoodie and his footgear. He has no really facial features which makes him faceless such as the fascinating same named characters in A Song of Ice And Fire (Game of Thrones). So he is anybody, he is everyone. He is holding a square and compass.

This two objects are well known today to be the symbolism of the freemasonry. Freemasonry is a byproduct of Hermeticism (like Alchemy), at its beginning a very long time ago (may be I will write an article on the Insights Blog about this), it was a good organization which spread Lights. However, since many centuries now and still nowadays, as a consequence of the The Iron Age (also known as Kali Yuga) in which humankind is since around the birth of monotheism religions, freemasonry has been infiltrated. At many levels. For money, and power, that’s why freemasonry is popular among the world elite, but also for more darker reasons. A meaningful evidence among all the History data we have, is that most of the freemasons don’t even know what is Hermeticism and the meaning of the symbolism of the square and the compass.

The Tryptology network and the Intentions within are not and will never be linked to freemasonry. These Intentions which are described on all this website can be resume in one only goal : Encourage people to learn and accumulate knowledge to follow the Philosopher Quest (the true meaning of the Philosopher Stone), which is the most efficient and powerful path to, spiritual, and all of sort, of awakenings. The Matrix Trilogy is a clear allegory of the Philosopher Quest. The Philosopher Quest has one outcome, which is the ultimate accomplishment of every humanbeing (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) ans other living beings equivalent to us in term of Evolution, fullfill their divine part. Therefore the Primordial Intention will be another step closer to its realization and a being who succeed to reach such accomplishment become then, an Ineffable which will have his own Primordial Intention and engender a whole and perhaps many, universe(s).

Personal note for a future article : is this an hypothese for the existence of multivers ? is Kether the period following the Big Bang, when the energy was so high that matter was destroy even before its creation ?

I know I have already talked about many subjects but this page has one precise goal, it will come soon. This was just a kind of introduction. All the topics mention above are already and will be developed on the Tryptology Insights Blog + one of my other project that I will talk to you just before talking about the important stuff.

The Angel statue is holding a square and a compass, linked mainly to the freemasonrery in the collective conciousness. Their true meaning come from Hermeticism and The Primordial Tradition. Nowdays and since a long time, since The Iron Age (Kali Yuga) beginning and likely even before, the symbolism has been inverted for many reasons. Monotheist religions have caused tremendous traumas to our civilisation, development and perception of reality, and still today. But today it’s over for them, everybody see that monotheist religions are just a trap (even buddhism, I will develop on the blog, but meditation is nice). They have however still have a huge influence. Among the traumas and it’s not cause only by religion, but also corporations and the so be called « secret » societies. Symbolism has been hugely inverted and circuitous. You have to have in mind that symbolism is something crucial, present in our every day life, on your paper money, in companies logos, in commercials, in politics events…everywhere. All has been inverted, this is a total mess today and has catastrophic consequences. Most people can’t even imagine how far this has gone and still goes, in terms of consequences.

That’s why one of the Tryptology project I mention above is to create a wiki on the inverted symbolism. I will start it but obviously it’s not something I can achieve 100% alone. It demands a lot of researches and knowledge in many fields. I hope it will a collaborative work. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested by taking part of it.

This Hermetic Angel, by being faceless, mordern, holding tools symbolically heavy porwerful, is therefore a material manifestation of the rise of Hermeticism like it has already happened several times in our past. Hermeticism has been the seed which lead to The Renaissance, and The Century of Lights (Siècle des Lumières) in France, which are among many other examples. This two last things have led to The Human Rights Declaration and Democracy. Even if today Democracy is no more that just an illusion for the mass. It’s normal, it’s because we are in The Iron Age (Kali Yuga), but this age is ending at this moment, and since some decades, we are in a transition period. And so does, as all paradigmas of our era collapse, Hermeticism rise back in the collective conciousness.

This Angel could be a representation of Thoth/Hermes…whose Quetzalcoatl/Kukulkan could be another manifestation for many reasons.

I will not describe here the symbolism of the square and the compass, since like you know now the road is to learn and accumulate knowledge, by yourself. The information about this, is widely available. Tryptology is here to support you, with more crucial stuffs like the inverted symbolism wiki for example, describe the ways to use double causality, retrocausality in combination with hermeticism and alchemy and of course The Tryptology musical activities. I am also totally open answering questions in private message or on the 2 Tryptology communities hub on the discord canal and the telegram canal.

The sculptor and messenger of this Hermetic Angel statut : Rémy Teulier
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The Abode of Chaos (La Demeure du Chaos) (Based in France)
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