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The Thot/Hermes portal is open

Long story short. My spiritual efforts since 2011 which has been spread on my youtube channel which known 3 names:– Relentless ;– The Relentless Child of Enki ;– Tryptology (meaning Science of Tryptamines, likely the final name) ;All this makes me open a portal on my own, not on purpose but I am happy to…
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When reality overcomes fiction…

Since the beginning of Mr Robot I see Elliot life as a mirror of mine…The season 4 (and final one) promo video confirm this again (no spoiler). Just when Tryptology is born after Relentless…

Agrocoin Whitepaper 2019

Here the PDF whitepaper of a cryptocurrency I work with. It has been released less than 1 hour. I participate to the writing part bringing my expertise on drugs, our History, the prohibition reasons…and now the legalization. I have also made a « promotional » psydub mix months ago with some of my favorite psydub tracks ever…
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As above, so below

« As above, so below » – Hermes/Thot. In this few words remain your potential, the reason of your Life, and the real meaning of the Philosophal Stone.

Tryptology is born

I have practice magic rituals in the past year and I know now which magic is real and safe if practice with respect.